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Tina is a surface designer, illustrator and teacher in design and she finds the perfect balance between artfulness & playfulness in each piece of work that she does whether it’s a print, home decor piece, stationary or fabric. She also loves a challenge of creating well balanced and fun color palettes. 

Sustainibility and supporting small businesses has always been important to Tina as well as working with clients that share similair values. So when she had designed and released her very first collection of cards, illustrations, tea towels and servingtrays she only chose production in Sweden and factories that produced products with sustainable and eco friendly fabric and certified unbleached paper. In the very begining of her career she even made sure to collect her cards by bike to be kind to the environment. 

Tina Backman has her own signature style and creates colorful patterns & illustrations with inspiration from her long walks in nature and time spent with her kids. Her cupboards are full of sketcbooks and her mind full of ideas for new patterns. She is planning a brand new collection under her own brand to be released in winter 2023 or early spring 2024, so stay tuned. And right now she is checkng out different production options. So please make sure to follow us on Instagram and Linked in for updates!


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Tina loves to create surface design for kids products and has done so for many years. She has designed several surface designs for baby blankets, baby clothes and umbrellas for small children. So if you have a baby collection in mind Tina will be happy to help you out.


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Tina has many floral pattern designs in store and is working on a new floral collection for her own brand Tina Backman to be released in 2023/24. The collection will be printed onto eco friendly blankets and other sustainable home decor products.

Flower illustration


learn surface pattern design

A pattern design can easily be transformed into a mural or a book cover or be printed onto fabric. The possibilities are endless. Tina always put a lot of effort working with scale and size during the design process. She always provides her clients with optional colorways and advice on how to use her prints the best way possible.

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