Tengui from Japan

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  • november 25, 2014

TenguiTengui tableclothsIn the making of Tengui
I have recently learnt that Tengui can be used for so many things depending on what you need it for. It can be used as a tablecloth but also as a wrapping paper, scarf, kitchen towel, head scarf just to give a few exampels. Tengui textiles are handprinted and the company Kamawanu is a great example of a traditional producer with a great variety of patterns. Above you can see exempels of how a Tengui is made, its all handprinted in a Japanease traditional way. I had the pleasure to take part in a Tengui exhibition up in Umeå, Sweden a few weeks ago, they showed 100 exempels of Tengui. Here you can see exempels of my latest Tengui pattern together with many other designers. Below you´ll see a short clip about Tengui.

Tenugui -Traditionell handfärgad tyg- from KIKI on Vimeo.