Renovating our new place

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  • oktober 25, 2013


This summer was pretty busy to say the least. We bought a new flat at the same time as I decided to move office. We bought the flat from this lovely lady 95 years old. She had lived there for 30 years, so we felt it was time to do an update and a complete renovation. Thing was we had to keep the costs down and therefore we decided to do everything ourselves, which has been a big challenge since we never in have done anything like this before. Have to say I am pretty proud now when I look around the place, it looks great a lot thanx to our wonderful friends and family who helped us out so much. So thanx to them we managed to finish off almost everything before we moved in. I can honestly say that we never would have managed to do this by ourselves in this time. So our BIGGEST thanx to: Per E, Anders, Kjell-Åke, Maj- Britt, Britta- May, Håkan, Pelle, Fredrik, Mia, Lars, Karl, Michel, Albert, Per A and Niklas!