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  • februari 29, 2016
Uniqlo baby dress Tina Backman

Illustration Tina Backman

Uniqlo Tina Backman Back dress Surface design Uniqlo dress by Tina Backman Uniqlo dress baby Tina Backman girls Uniqlo dress baby Tina Backman

So finally I receive an email letting me know that the baby clothes are now out for sale at all Uniqlo stores around the globe. Such amazing news, worth celebrating! Such a pity I´m at home with the worst flu ever…well well. I am really happy about this collaboration and the opportunity to create surface patterns for toddlers. I might just try and squeeze this dress onto my little one at home, even if he is a boy and not really a baby any more but just to see what it looks like on a mini person. :)