Fabric by Tina Backman

  • 20 augusti, 2016
Tina Backman Snek peak pattern

Fabric by the metre, kids fabric by Tina Backman

Sneak peak of a surface pattern for babies that will be launched at Formex 2016 or even at next years Formex 2017. Ok, can not say anymore…except that this is SO EXCITING AND SO MUCH FUN. Love the fact I am finally launching a fabric for kids and babies. (Favorite target group!)

Baby blanket

  • 1 augusti, 2016
Tina Backman Barnfilt

Baby blanket by Tina Backman

Have been working on this surface pattern for a while now. Created these two bears whom have been printed onto scarves and umbrellas before. Are using the same animal characters for this new upcoming project but have redesigned the surface pattern and products that goes with it. Can not post all pictures at this point but I post a little sneak peak, above. This is a sneak peak from a baby blanket that are supposed to be launched in August at Formex 2016, Stockholm. And just the beginning of a brand new home decor and fabric collection with products for babies. So exciting!


Surface pattern Tina Backman

Tina Backman Umbrellas Trädskog

Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas


Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas

Above a little sneak peak of more surface patterns and works for a Japanease client. These will be launched in 2017, so still some time before the reach the market. Just wanted to show you what I am working on at the moment…! :) /T

Happy happy!

  • 20 juni, 2016

Avgångsklass Inredning & designThis is how happy you become after one year of studying Interior and Design together. Last day at this one year course, sad but happy! Wishing the best students ever a fantastic future, hope we´ll meet again one day. /Tina <3

Umbrellas and ponchos

  • 16 juni, 2016

Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas

2016_AWKorko雨傘一覧よこ 2016_AWKorkoビニ傘
Hi there, hope you all have had a taste of summer…I could really have this kind of weather all year around. :) These last weeks before summer holidays its time to finish off a few projects, prepare for future meetings, send out a little summer gift to clients, clean the studio and make plans for the future!

Above a little sneak peak of new surface patterns for umbrellas and ponchos! Its a client in Japan called Ogawa that will launch these in August 2016!

Photo session

  • 1 juni, 2016
Tina Backman

Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas

Tina att LR

Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas

Tina Backis LLr

Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas

Tina LRes

Tina Backman surface pattern for umbrellas

On a very windy day me and my friend Martina were trying to take the best portrait picture ever. I really needed new pictures since the last one I took was at least 4 years ago. Here are a few of them…such a fun day, thank you Martina!

Surface pattern ÖBO

  • 25 maj, 2016
Mönster Öbo Uppslag Tina Backman

Tina Backman mönster

Mönster Tina Backman ÖBO
For quite some time I have been working closely with ÖBO on this surface pattern project. They are moving into a new headoffice in 2017 and needed a surface pattern that could work both inside the new buildning, on stationary, home products and on their cars. It took some time and a few meetings before we finally decided to go more subtile and handdrawn. We wanted to create something that could be used over time. Think it turned out very well in the end, a useful surface pattern that can be combined with other colors and shapes in so many ways.

Sweden tray

  • 15 maj, 2016
Sweden tea towel kräfta Tina Backman

Sweden tray by Tina Backman, Sverige bricka

Another little snapshot from a new collection of trays, napkins, dishcloths and tea towels (more pictures on website). Go visit Citronelles at Formex in August and you ´ll see the the whole collection!


Cookies, dishcloth

  • 3 maj, 2016
Cookies dishcloth Tina Backman

Sweden dishcloth by Tina Backman, Sverige disktrasa

This dishcloth above is part of a new collection tea towels, trays and dishcloths for the Swedish market. The perfect gift to a friend living abroad.

Surface patterns

  • 12 april, 2016
Surface pattern Tina Backman

Surface pattern Tina Backman

Drawing today and finishing off a few ideas for new surface patterns. Don´t seem to get enough of imaginary forests and gardening. :) Today it´s been one of those days when it´s been tricky to stay focused on one thing. So I have done a bit of everything…not a very good idea, since it feels I haven´t done half of what I had planned to do. Well well…now I think I deserve a cup of coffee. :)

Every day life

  • 5 april, 2016
Drawing prework Tina Backman

Surface pattern Tina Backman, mönster Tina Backman

Trying to capture everyday life and food we eat every morning, just realizing people eat different types of breakfasts in different parts of the world. Might have to add just a few things…or decide if I am illustrating a typical Swedish breakfast or English or both. But I guess it dosen´t just come down to that. Maybe it all depends on our lifestyle and what we like and are used to eat from when we grew up?

Tina Backman Acro

Scandinavian pattern collection Tina Backman tote bag

It´s such a pleasure to work with clients in Japan! They seem to be very proud of their designers and even put our name, picture and some information about us on the product tag. :) This is a tag for a tote bag.

Happy easter

  • 25 mars, 2016
happy-easter, Illustration Tina Backman

Illustration Tina Backman

Wishing you all a few nice days off work! I stayed at home yesterday with a very sick J. (We had to go to the hospital). So today I am spending a few hours at work to make up for lost time. Looking forward to few weeks with healthy kids now and a few days in the summer house this weekend. Have a happy and healthy easter! /T

Easter coming up

  • 22 mars, 2016
Drawings eggs Tina Backman

Illustration Tina Backman

Easter is coming up and I am working on some easter egg drawings. Love the two armed egg holder above. :) Hoping for sunshine during easter our break…/T

Dress for sucess

  • 29 februari, 2016
Uniqlo baby dress Tina Backman

Illustration Tina Backman

Uniqlo Tina Backman Back dress Surface design Uniqlo dress by Tina Backman Uniqlo dress baby Tina Backman girls Uniqlo dress baby Tina Backman

So finally I receive an email letting me know that the baby clothes are now out for sale at all Uniqlo stores around the globe. Such amazing news, worth celebrating! Such a pity I´m at home with the worst flu ever…well well. I am really happy about this collaboration and the opportunity to create surface patterns for toddlers. I might just try and squeeze this dress onto my little one at home, even if he is a boy and not really a baby any more but just to see what it looks like on a mini person. :)

Winter wool

  • 7 december, 2015
Mountain blanket Klippan Tina Backman LR

Blanket Klippan Tina Backman

A snapshot of my friend and co worker Terese, she did such a great job cuddling up in the wool blanket from Klippan Yllefabrik, designed by me.

Northlight Design

  • 20 oktober, 2015
Uk butik Smålandsskog

Tea towel Klippan Tina Backman

Here are some new Scandinavian home products that are for sale in the UK. No. 9 is my surface pattern for Klippan Yllefabrik, here as a tea towel. Yay!!

New fabric

  • 5 oktober, 2015
Tina Backman design surface patterns

Tina Backman design surface patterns

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

fabric Tina Backman

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Fabrics Tina Backman

Tina Backman design surface patterns for SCP

Hi! Hope you all had a nice weekend! I really enjoyed having some time off and nothing booked this weekend. Here is a new surface pattern called Hasselnötter I designed for umbrellas but now also sold as bags, pins and pouches, please click here.