Tengui from Japan

TenguiTengui tableclothsIn the making of Tengui
I have recently learnt that Tengui can be used for so many things depending on what you need it for. It can be used as a tablecloth but also as a wrapping paper, scarf, kitchen towel, head scarf just to give a few exampels. Tengui textiles are handprinted and the company Kamawanu is a great example of a traditional producer with a great variety of patterns. Above you can see exempels of how a Tengui is made, its all handprinted in a Japanease traditional way. I had the pleasure to take part in a Tengui exhibition up in Umeå, Sweden a few weeks ago, they showed 100 exempels of Tengui. Here you can see exempels of my latest Tengui pattern together with many other designers. Below you´ll see a short clip about Tengui.

Tenugui -Traditionell handfärgad tyg- from KIKI on Vimeo.


Patterns on ceramics

pattern ceramics
A very beautiful Gustavsbergs plate that I found at our second hand shop around the corner from where I live. Just had to put it up on the wall straight away, so we can enjoy it everyday. Read more about the amazing ceramics and factory here, Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik.


Pouches with my bearfabric

Surfacepattern Isetan Tina Backman LR
Here are pouches with my blue bearfabric that are for sale at the departmentstore Isétan in Tokyo. Have I mentioned I love Swedish nature and the woods here? The ideas for this surfacepattern came from times I´ve spent in the woods.


Pillow cases in Tokyo

isetan-pillowcasesLRScandinavian pattern collection Tina Backman webisetan-pillowcases LRisetan-pillowcases  LR
Pictures from the departmentstore Isétan in Tokyo, where my pillow cases are on display and for sale.


Sweden, I love you in the fall

Tina BackmanSwedenSwedish nature
Sweden I love you in the fall. Above a happy someone picking the biggest mushrooms I´ve ever seen.


Hej & välkommen!
Illustratören och formgivaren Tina Backman varvar mönster och illustrations uppdrag med föreläsning och designrådgivning. Tinas egna produkter finns att köpa i butiker både i Sverige, Japan och USA. Vi är glada att höra ifrån dig, så skicka gärna en rad på: tina@tinabackman.se

Hello & welcome!
Illustrator and designer Tina Backman, based in Sweden does illustration work and surface pattern designs on commission. She also do design consulting, workshops and talks on design. We are always happy to hear from you! Please drop us a mail at; tina@tinabackman.se

If you click on Shop in the menu you will get a good overview of the designs we have for sale.

New collaboration
We proudly present our new collaboration with Åry Trays, a collection of ecofriendly trays, made in Sweden with Scandinavian birch wood, design by Tina Backman.

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