Silk scarves

IMG_4756 IMG_4758 IMG_4762 IMG_4770 IMG_4774 IMG_4782 IMG_4786 IMG_4789 Scarves with bears
So this was a very cold morning in March, temperature below zero, Måns you´re my hero! My mini-model was very patient with me despite the wind that kept on blowing our crops away…Scarves are to be found at Isétan departmentstore Tokyo and hopefully soon in my webshop!


Pillowcase Pinetree

Tina Backman Pillowcase JapanTina Backman Pillowcase
I know I have posted pics on this surface pattern before but as a Tengui (tablecloth). But this pattern called Pine tree has also been produced as a pillow case and today it arrived in the post and I got to see it in real life for the first time! It´s handprinted and so nicely done and it really turned out the way I had hoped for!


Silk scarves

Tina Backman fabric Isétan Japan Tina Backman Scarf Bearfabric Isétan Japan Tina Backman Scarf bearpattern Isétan Japan Tina Backman Scarf Bears Isétan Japan
And here are both colours sold at Isétan department store in Tokyo.



Here it is one out of two different pouches where I´ve designed the surfacepattern, coming soon, in a limited edition at our webshop.


Scarves with bears

Tina Backman Scarf Bear Isétan Japan Tina Backman Scarf close up bird Isétan Japan Tina Backman Scarf close up Isétan Japan Tina Backman Scarf Isétan Japan
Here is the green version of my surface pattern design Bear, for silk scarves sold at department store Isétan in Tokyo, just received these in the post. Have to try them on little J.


Hej & välkommen!
Illustratören och formgivaren Tina Backman varvar mönster och illustrations uppdrag med föreläsning och designrådgivning. Tinas egna produkter finns att köpa i butiker både i Sverige, Japan och USA. Vi är glada att höra ifrån dig, så skicka gärna en rad på:

Hello & welcome!
Illustrator and designer Tina Backman, based in Sweden does illustration work and surface pattern designs on commission. She also do design consulting, workshops and talks on design. We are always happy to hear from you! Please drop us a mail at;

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New collaboration
We proudly present our new collaboration with Åry Trays, a collection of ecofriendly trays, made in Sweden with Scandinavian birch wood, design by Tina Backman.

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