My textiles in Japan

Tina Backman Tengui4.Tina Backman Tengui 2Tina Backman Tengui1
Snapshots from the on-going Tengui exhibition at the Swedish embassy in Japan! The pattern I exhibit is inspired from pinetrees and printed in a Japanese traditional way onto Tengui towels.


Flea markets

Love flea markets. Especially the once to be found in the countryside, since my experience tells me the real bargains are to be found there! Above a beautiful umbrella for 10 SEK with my favorite colors and a lovely pattern. Could die for some rain right now! J



design poster keps killedesign poster pink lady
After we had put up a new wallpaper in our home-office I framed these posters, two of my favorite characters from our online shop with the frame Ribba, IKEA. The wallpaper is from IKEA´s latest limited edition collection.


Mugs and trays!

Pattern Tina Backman Tina Backman illustration Tina Backman mugg

Tina Backman pattern
Felt so great to finally see these products printed! I designed this pattern a while a ago for a client that decided they wanted to print it onto muggs and trays. So I made this composition and tadaaa here they are. Will have to try out the mug, so have to make myself a nice cup of fairtrade coffee now! Thanks ÖBO for a great collaboration. /Tina


Spring is here

swans Tysslingeswans

This is a sure sign of that spring has arrived to stay! Two or three thousands of swans get together and celebrate spring in Tysslinge every year around this time. Very fascinating and a very loud party.


Hej & välkommen!
Illustratören och formgivaren Tina Backman varvar mönster och illustrations uppdrag med föreläsning och designrådgivning. Tinas egna produkter finns att köpa i butiker både i Sverige, Japan och USA. Vi är glada att höra ifrån dig, så skicka gärna en rad på:

Hello & welcome!
Illustrator and designer Tina Backman, based in Sweden does illustration work and surface pattern designs on commission. She also do design consulting, workshops and talks on design. We are always happy to hear from you! Please drop us a mail at;

If you click on Shop in the menu you will get a good overview of the designs we have for sale.

New collaboration
We proudly present our new collaboration with Åry Trays, a collection of ecofriendly trays, made in Sweden with Scandinavian birch wood, design by Tina Backman.

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